A Backyard Paradise in Nun’s Island

This Nun’s Island backyard is surrounded by homes at close proximity, there was no privacy! We designed the pool and landscaping to give the homeowners a sleek and very private setting. To do this, we built a natural stone wall at the back of the pool with three water curtains. This not only gives a beautiful look, it also creates a soothing sound as the water falls into the pool. The wall’s horizontal lines complement the pool’s long shape, and the addition of the hanging branches and leaves from a nearby tree softens the straight edges to form a warm, zen-like backyard ambiance.

a three-picture collage of Groupe Paramount's work done on a Nun's Island backyard, which includes a high stone wall with integrated water fountains, and a large terrace surrounding the yard's existing mature trees.This backyard was not large, in order to give the clients lots of entertaining space, we designed the natural stone terrace around the pool and the existing trees. In this project, we combined nature with a modern element to create a gentle outdoor space limited only by the suburbia surrounding it.

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Using a Planter Box and a Redesigned Driveway to Transform a Kirkland Home’s Front Lawn

Groupe Paramont kirkland Driveway-Walkway-Planters box project using Techo-Bloc's 80mm smooth StoneThis Kirkland home had a short and narrow driveway, barely allowing two cars to be parked, and a huge slope problem in their front yard.
We increased the width of the driveway on the left side and incorporated a walkway into the driveway that leads up to the entrance steps to give the driveway even more width and continuity of materials. This was all created using Techo-Bloc’s 80 mm Blu Smooth stones in Chestnut Brown colour. To correct the front yard slope issue, we built a huge planter box in front of the wide porch. The planter box was built with Techo-Bloc’s Semma stones which compliments the driveway, walkway and porch surfaces.
The huge planter box has a contemporary, tailored and layered look. We planted a Globe Boxwood hedge which has a rich dark green colour along the back and a Dwarf Golden Barberry hedge that has a bright lime colour in front of it to give it a layered look with contrasting colours. We left some space along the front of the box so the home owners can choose annual flowers so they can enjoy a different theme every year!
The work that was done to this front yard made such a dramatic difference to the curb appeal of this home.

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Welcome to the Groupe Paramount Blog

Hi, and welcome to our blog. We’ll be updating this page with case studies, project photos, and more to keep you in touch with our services at Groupe Paramount.

Groupe Paramount creates stunning outdoor spaces and retreats that wrap you in nature and delight the senses. We bring your vision to life with a keen eye for transforming your land into extensions of your home’s living space or business image.

Groupe Paramount guarantees a unique experience through our personal vertical efforts – we do all the work ourselves, from design by our landscape architects to project execution by our own employees. Our 2 divisions, Paramount Group and Paramount Pools work together simultaneously to create your next stunning outdoor living space.