Five ways to create your own outdoor luxury retreat

With a seemingly endless number of possibilities available to create your custom outdoor living space, homeowners often need some guidance on how to choose features in line with their goals for the project, and how they plan to use their outdoor space. The key, they say, is investing in what’s right for you and your family.

Here are the top five ways to create your own outdoor luxury retreat:

1. Outdoor kitchens:

Do you love to entertain? An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful addition for any homeowners who often host friends and family for meals and parties. By creating an outdoor space complete with a sink, BBQ, smoker, pizza oven, stovetop, wood-burning oven, fridge, bar area, full size dining table, and more, your parties will take on a whole new life. Moreover, thanks to strategically positioned heaters, you’ll be able to use your outdoor kitchen and dining area well into the cooler months. If your home is already party-central for friends and family, adding an outdoor kitchen might be the perfect way to kick off the season this year.

2. Pools and spas:

If you love swimming, lounging, and soaking, then a pool and spa feature is well worth exploring. What’s more, if you have kids, the addition of a pool can mean summers of endless fun for years to come. Quebec actually leads the way nation-wide in this category; each year 70 percent of all new in-ground pools in Canada are installed in Quebec! If you love the water and are looking to revamp your outdoor space, adding a pool and/or spa feature to your backyard is a no-brainer.

3. Gardens:

Whether you enjoy gardening yourself, or simply want to be surrounded by lush greenery and flowers, adding a garden – or garden complex – to your property can help to create a calming, beautiful space. In addition, a well-manicured garden can go a long way in boosting your home’s curb appeal. January through March is a great time to start planning for the upcoming growing season, so if greenery is a priority for you, we can help create a custom garden system for your entire property.

4. Uni-stone walkways, steps, and patios:

With a huge range of available materials, textures, and colours to choose from, adding a uni-stone walkway and patio to your backyard goes a long way in creating a polished, up-to-date look. From natural ledgerock and hammered limestone – a favourite in Quebec – to manmade Techo-Bloc, Permacon, Rocvale or Rhinox options, the sky is the limit when it comes to achieving the custom design you’re seeking. If you’re looking to tweak your yard as opposed to doing a total overhaul, updating the stone is a great way to invest and instantly boost the appeal and functionality of your space.

5. Bonus features:

Whether you’d like a resort-like lounging area, a built-in custom stone and glass fireplace, or specialized lighting throughout your whole yard, our experts can help bring your inspirations to life, and even offer ideas you may never have thought possible.

Top five reasons to revamp your backyard in 2018

With winter in full swing, we’re feeling the cold just as much as you are. The snow and wind can’t help but make us long for the next summer season. So as we look ahead and toward those sunny days, here are the top five reasons to revamp your backyard in 2018.

1. This is a real old fashion Canadian winter:

According to meteorologists and the Farmers’ Almanac – which claims an accuracy rate of around 80% – this winter is a rough one. Experts are predicting a snowier than normal season thanks to the weather pattern known as La Nina. In fact it’s expected that the snowy days will last well into March. The cold will be biting, too, as we’ve already experienced over the last several weeks. After dealing with a winter like this, it would be lovely to at least look forward to having a brand new back yard to enjoy once everything – including you – defrosts.

2. It has never been easier to make your dreams a reality:

We deal in luxury. Whether it’s creating an outdoor kitchen, a complex garden or green space, a pool and spa with waterfall features, or a seating area equipped with a fireplace, we can make it happen. Our ability to create custom outdoor spaces truly has no limits. If you can dream it, we can do it.

3. Your ideal backyard may be more accessible than you think:

We may specialize in high-end custom designs, but we also have simple installations that can be done easily and in a timely fashion to suit any space and budget. If you’re interested in putting in a pool or spa, give us a call. You might be surprised at what’s possible, even on a smaller budget.

4. Extend your family vacation for months:

When you consider what a two-week summer vacation for a family of four costs, it’s easy to see the appeal of putting in a pool or spa instead. Upgrading your backyard means the family can enjoy the benefits of a summer vacation all season long. Why go anywhere when you can lounge by the pool in the comfort of your own property? The best part: this one-time investment means years of enjoyment.

5. A beautiful backyard can increase the value of your home:

Curb appeal and livable outdoor space have never been more important to buyers. That’s why having even basic landscaping, unistone, and backyard features can go a long way in improving the appeal of your property. If you’re looking to invest in your home in 2018, you can’t go wrong by focusing on the outdoors.

Top 4 Ways To Warm Up Your Yard!

Top 4 Ways To Warm Up Your Yard!

You can make your summer days last long into the night with the addition of a fire feature to your patio, deck or backyard. In fact, there are so many events and activities that you can still do outdoors throughout the spring or fall when you have a cozy place to gather. Not only will these gorgeous features provide a beautiful aesthetic, they also provide warmth on colder nights!

Outdoor Fireplaces

A fireplace is a gorgeous focal feature for your backyard that provides not only warmth but also lighting.  It can be modeled to complement your home’s design and embellishing the space with outdoor seating and a table will give the impression of an added room to your house.

Fire Pits

Fire pits have become one of the most popular types of backyard fire features because of their portability, low cost, and ease of use. Generally positioned at the center of the patio area, they offer a great place to hang out with friends and family. Traditionally designed low to the ground, they can be built or bought in any shape or size and in a variety of materials. Wood-burning types are popular, but fire pits that are fueled by propane or gas are a greener choice and better for air quality.

Outdoor Grills and Kitchens

One of our favourite ways to warm up your yard — cooking!  A grill, brick pizza oven, or other outdoor cooking appliance will quickly heat up things. Plus, the delicious aromas of food cooking will make your guests want to hang out on the patio. Your grill can be standalone, by the pool or integrated into a larger outdoor kitchen for backyard parties!

Fire Tables

Outdoor gas fire tables add a warm, cozy glow to any outdoor space and can be a great focal point for your patio. These exceptional conversation tables will be the center of all of your backyard events, perfect for gathering friends and family around for a cozy meal or a fireside chat.


Lola’s Backyard!

175ps_Paramount_15-LargeLola’s Backyard!
We call this project Lola’s Backyard, the colour of the pavers match Lola, the family dog. Lola loves her new backyard!



This charming backyard in Dollard-des-Ormeaux boasts an elevated patio where friends, family and Lola 102ps_Paramount_15-Largecan get a great view of the pool area while enjoying dinner and sipping a glass of wine. The fire pit area is a few steps down from the raised patio, this area is used to cozy up on a brisk night by the fire.
The clients chose the Rock Garden Brown colour Aberdeen Slab from Techo-Bloc. The pool was beautifully capped with St-Marc limestone, and the planters and bench were built using Prague Walls from Transpave.

174ps_Paramount_15-LargeThis project is just one example of how Paramount can transform a small space to get the most effective use out of it. We do all the work ourselves, we have many crews of skilled employees to be able to take on ANY turnkey project.
So whether you like to dip in the pool, lay in the sun or curl up by the fire, Lola’s backyard can inspire a great design for your outdoor project!



115ps_Paramount_15-LargeREAR CORNER 1.1116ps_Paramount_15-Large





Hampstead Haven

photo 1This is a great example of one of our projects from BEFORE to AFTER. The clients had moved to Hampstead because they wanted a large backyard not far from the city. They did extensive renovations to the house and to complete their overall home living experience, they called on Groupe Paramount to create and build them an outdoor oasis.
VIEW 3Chris Rosen was their sales representative who has many years of experience in the pool and landscaping business. It took a large Paramount team that included a landscape architect, 3 D modeller, and several landscaping crews to turn this grass backyard into an outdoor family retreat!
The pavers used around this pool and on the upper terrace were chosen from the Transpavé company.

281ps_Paramount_15 2This backyard is sure to offer plenty of fun for this family and their friends! Who’s in the pool for a game of Marco Polo?

Turnkey Project In Blainville

c2This stunning reconstruction project in Blainville was originally completed only 6 years ago by another contractor. The clients were not satisfied with the work and they were having major problems with their pool. Enter Groupe Paramount! Working in collaboration with an independent Landscape Architect, Richard Belisle, our in house 3D Modeller, Mathieu Bédard, was able to propose the final design for this property.  The Paramount team transformed the botched backyard into a relaxing summer oasis. This turnkey backyard is perfect to spend quality time with family and friends.



The pavers and stones used were from Techo Bloc, the pool was capped using the Bali Travertina, the walls with Raffinato and the tiered patio with Travertina 30×30 in Ivory colour.



r2.2This family can now cozy up by the fire pit on a chilly night or invite the whole family for a BBQ in this little slice of nice!

Fire Pits & Fire Tables

Firepit1Here we are in early September and the weather is awesome, this is the type of weather we expect in July! It might seem odd that we are posting about fire pits in this blog, we all know the cool weather will be coming soon enough and a fire pit is as welcome in the summer as it is in the cooler months!

In the last ten years we have been building many fire pits and fire tables into our projects. Clients want this element as part of their outdoor living space, it allowFirepit2s them to stretch out the outdoor season.

The sunken fire pit featured in this blog is huge, allowing up to 20 people to sit around it. The other two fire tables are great gathering areas, set down your drink, enjoy the fire and the company!

Firepit3Imagine getting cozy around the fire after a day of sun and fun in the pool or wrapped in a blanket on a cool fall night. Fire pits are an amazing addition to any outdoor space.

The Beauty in Baie d’Urfé Series – Part 1: Gentleman’s Garden

Part 1 of our 2 part series looking at this Baie D’Urfé project; we designed 4 raised planter boxes to add an extra element to the backyard.

Gentleman's garden created and designed by Groupe ParamountWith a large pool on one end of the property, we created a Gentleman’s Garden as a mini-oasis a short walk away on the other end of the property. These 4 raised planters form a square with pea gravel and stone walkways in between. They are planted with lavender and mandevilla plants, the height of these planters allows a casual stroller walking through the gardens to enjoy the beauty and sweet aromas up close.  Gentleman’s Gardens were designed for easy maintenance; it’s gardening without the strain of bending. This type of garden can be adapted to any personal comfort level, and for those who work extensively on their gardens, this could help tremendously. Another great feature is that it can also be used as a vegetable garden.

Something so peaceful and beautiful deserves to be seen at the perfect moment – at this home, we positioned the gardens to be perfectly symmetrical with the master bedroom bay window, making it the first thing the homeowners see when they wake up. Overall, when put in the right place, raised planters are gorgeous to look at and easy to maintain. They are a great addition to any backyard!