Fire Pits & Fire Tables

Firepit1Here we are in early September and the weather is awesome, this is the type of weather we expect in July! It might seem odd that we are posting about fire pits in this blog, we all know the cool weather will be coming soon enough and a fire pit is as welcome in the summer as it is in the cooler months!

In the last ten years we have been building many fire pits and fire tables into our projects. Clients want this element as part of their outdoor living space, it allowFirepit2s them to stretch out the outdoor season.

The sunken fire pit featured in this blog is huge, allowing up to 20 people to sit around it. The other two fire tables are great gathering areas, set down your drink, enjoy the fire and the company!

Firepit3Imagine getting cozy around the fire after a day of sun and fun in the pool or wrapped in a blanket on a cool fall night. Fire pits are an amazing addition to any outdoor space.

The Beauty in Baie d’Urfé Series – Part 2: Contemporary meets Formal in this Baie d’Urfé Front Yard

118_anna&rosspool12  This home was built on a lot with mature pine trees that were over 60 years old! The homeowners built the house and preserved the trees, one of them happened to line up with the front door. This presented us with a challenge on how to build a walkway from the street and from the driveway up to the front door. The clients wanted a formal but straight line contemporary look, so we designed the walkway as a square around the existing pine.

213_paramount2012The stone used for the walkways and large driveway was Techo-Bloc’s man made Victorien, the colour – Chocolate Brown . The colour palette for the plantings on this project were bold greens, lime, white and a hint of lilac. Boxwoods contour the walkways, limelight hydrangea’s grace the gardens (these are a variety of hydrangea that are cone shaped with a lime hue), Palibin lilac trees stand high on stems and all white impatiens fill in the gardens under the trees.

236_paramount2012Finding the balance between hardscape & landscape is an important factor when designing any outdoor space, we believe this was achieved. The landscape is the finishing touch of this Beauty in Baie d’Urfe!